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The Employer Service Division of Workforce Solutions can help you find qualified candidates who are trained and equipped with the right skills to fill your position. We can also help you find solutions for your human resource needs, including technical assistance with government regulations and programs, tax incentives/credits, and training for your current employees. We are funded by state and federal tax-dollars that are redirected back into the Gulf Coast region, therefore, we do not charge for our services.

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Employer Resources

waterfallAre You Hiring?

Are You Looking For Qualified Candidates?

Do you need help creating an effective employment ad that will draw qualified applicants to you? Do you need exposure marketing and recruiting for your job openings from a diverse and abundant pool of job seekers? Let us help you create job postings that attract skilled and suitable job seekers. We have the largest pool of quality candidates in the State of Texas and at any given time employers are posting between 3,000 to 6,000 open jobs in our system, Work In Texas

Oceans of Opportunity Job Fair


Discover The Advantages of Our Virtual Job Fair!

A Virtual Job Fair (VJF) is similar to a traditional job fair where job seekers have the opportunity to ‘meet’ recruiters from businesses and apply for open positions immediately. The only difference is that it takes place online.
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Additional Services

Many tools and techniques are available for evaluating a job seeker’s occupational skills, aptitudes, achievement levels and interests. Specialized testing is a valuable service available to employers to help when making employment decisions such as hiring, promotion, referral, and retention.
Would you like to be able to meet, interview, and hire ambitious go-getters in one exciting setting? Would you like tens to hundreds of highly qualified job applicants vying for a spot in your company? Would you like to be able to choose from the cream of the crop to fill important roles in your company? Then the job fairs that we plan and execute for our employers is exactly what you need!
Is your facility too small or too busy for interview space? Do you need a professional and convenient location in which to meet with and/or interview your job applicants? We can help! You can utilize our professional offices!
Do you need to ensure that your employees are caught up to speed with the latest technology and platforms of your company? Do you need to enhance your employees’ specialized knowledge and skills? Would you like to have highly effective employees who are problem solvers and results-oriented? If you do we can help with you with your customized training needs.
Are you restructuring or downsizing within your company? Are company changes resulting in a need for mass layoffs? If so, we can help make this a smooth and efficient process for everyone involved. Our rapid response experience is a highly effective and positive experience for you and your affected workers (who may be going through the layoffs).

The Gulf Coast Oil & Gas Initiative

While the price of oil plunged below $30 per barrel, our region’s workforce has certainly felt the effects.  Thousands of highly-trained individuals have been laid off and are struggling to find employment as more and more companies announce workforce reductions. Gulf Coast Workforce Solutions announced the launch of the Gulf Coast Oil & Gas Initiative aimed specifically at those individuals.  The goal of the program is to find employers in other industries that are looking for highly-trained individuals to meet their needs and match them with job-seekers from the state’s database, WorkInTexas.com.

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Blog Posts

Health Services Spotlight

August 30th, 2016|0 Comments

Top 10 Health Services Employers Hiring Now! The Texas Medical Center.  Once a small hospital appearing in the middle of swampland, now one of the most renowned medical centers in the world.  The health services

Transportation Industry Rapidly Growing

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DID YOU KNOW? Top 10 Transportation Employers Hiring Now! From delivering pizzas to supplying refineries, transportation is vital to our growing economy. The Port of Houston handles the second largest amount of shipping, in tonnage,

How to Eliminate (or Handle) Stress at Work

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Your Health Matters Projects.  Meetings.  Events.  Conference calls.  Goals.  Deadlines.  It's all part of life in the office, and all of those things can be significant sources of stress.  Forbes recently published an article that

The Largest Highly-Skilled and Highly-Trained Labor Pool is RIGHT HERE!

June 6th, 2016|0 Comments

Did you know that there are currently nearly 30,000 active job-seekers in WIT if we only count some of the oil and gas industry-specific occupations such as extraction workers, supervisors of extraction workers, engineers, operations managers

Other Helpful Resources

Workplace Posters

Some of the laws administered by DOL require that employers post certain notices in their workplaces in order to ensure their employees have access to information about their rights. We provide all required posters free of charge. Posting requirements vary by law. Not all employers are covered by each of DOL’s laws, thus not all employers may have to post a specific notice. Requirements depend on factors such as nature and location of business, number of employees, annual dollar volume and whether the organization has federal contracts or subcontracts. If you aren’t sure what posters your business is required to display, contact us and we will help you determine which posters you need to be in compliance. Download OSHA Job Safety and Health: It’s the Law Poster

Other Workplace Posters

Labor Market Information

Workforce Solutions promotes Texas economic health by providing information to help businesses understand the Texas economy and make informed labor market choices. Below are some of the general reports, but for a more specific and customized report for you industry or occupation, please contact us.

Labor Market Information